TestoFuel supplement

  TestoFuel supplement

  It is among the most popular supplements available on the market, thought to have just the right combination of ingrediants stimulating the increase in testosterone levels. It claims to help build muscles, boost endurance, stamina and libido, lift up the spirits and block the production of estrogen. Among its ingredients is aspartic acid, present in the brain where it stimulates the release of luteinizing hormone( LH), essential for the testosterone production, and it has also been proven that aspartic acid helps produce growth hormone and follicle-stimulating hormones. The research has shown that intake of aspartic acid during a period of one year can increase the level of testosterone by 50%.

Another ingredient of TestoFuel is vitamin D3 (http://www.friskey.de),  which also has many hormone properties, a nutrient that develops through the sun exposure. In the majority of cases, we do not receive enough D3 vitamin if we are working in closed spaces, or living in the countries with cloudy weather. Low intake of vitamin D3 may result in men having lower levers of unbound testosterone, and it has also been proven that vitamin D3 helps increase these levels. Final important ingredient is ostrich extract, an important source of zinc, having it in far largel quantities than meat, and it also contains a numbre of essential oligo-elements such as amino acids and vitamins. Zinc is necessary for brain processes that create luteinizing hormone, without which testosterone can not be produced.

So far, serious side effects of this supplement have not been reported, contains no illegal substances and those who use it report muscle growth and faster recuperation, increased motivation and energy levels and ability to lift more weight in the gym, exactly as claimed by its producer. But it not without negatives, such as not being sold in shops or other web pages( but only on the web page of its producer Roar Ambition), and that it comes with a money-back guarantee only if bought in quanitites for three months.

Benefits of taking testosterone supplements

   While available research studies are sometimes conflicting and largely non-conclusive, some health benefits of having high levels of testosterone have been identified. Certain research studies have shown that low levels of testosterone carry the risk of premature cardiovascular or cancer  death. It has also been shown that supplements reduce the layers of fat in abdominal area, and play an important role in the regulation of insuline and glucose levels. In addition to that, they activate sexual desire, boost libido and improve sexual performance in general. To those who are engaging in competitive sports they can also be beneficial, as they increase motivation and competitive spirit, urging you to take risks and push your limits in every undertaking. They improve reaction times and the clarity of vision, giving you an edge over other competitors. 

Testosterone supplements also act as mood and energy boosters, improving resistance to fatigue, and enabling professional athletes to endure the most intensive trainings (and they are not considered a doping). It is commonly known that they help build body mass and increase strength, by amplifying some biochemical processes which occur in the body.  On top of that, a certain dose of testosterone converts to estrogen, a hormone responsible for the bones’ protection, because it improves their density, which, among other things, enables you to lift more weight when you are working out( so no surprise they are so popular among bodybuilders). They also reduce healing time( and help reduce inflammation processes within the body), especially if you are taking ZMA, a mix of zinc, magnesium and B6 vitamine. If taken properly and in the right doses, they can help with insomnia and sleep apnea. The best of all- they do all of that, and yet, they are composed entirely of natural ingredients( such as the plants or vitamins) which can be found in our surroundings( unlike steroids which are synthesized in laboratories and, therefore, pose a threat to health).

Potential side effects of testosterone supplementation

side effects of testosterone

  If not taken within guidelines and at correct dosage, testosterone supplements can have some adverse health effects that their users should be aware of:

  They can create or worsen sleep apnea( interrupted breathing during sleep)

  Increase the risk of myocardial infarction, thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, and cardiovascular diseases by 30%

– Enlarge the prostate, which can result in benign hyperplasia, or in some cases the creation of cancerous tissue

– Cause testicular shrinkage

  Trigger acne and other skin problems

– Some research studies have also shown that kidney problems may arise

– Mood swings, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, and dark urine

– Fatigue, hair loss and headaches

  Women during pregnancy or nursing should refrain from using any kind of hormones, including testosterone, and the same goes for women suffering from cancer, heart conditions or having liver problemsThose women who do use supplements( to treat the lack of sexual desire during menopause or because of pituitary gland problems), should be particularly wary of taking a too high dosage as it could result in a:

High cholesterol

– Irregular menstruation( if they are still menstruating)

– Hair growth in the face area and masculine voice

– Increase of the clitoris size

– Reduced breast size

– Anger and hostile behaviour

  Due to these side affects, it is always advisible to seek professional advice with regards to the suitable dosage for each person, and the effects of different medicines’ interactions  On top of that,  there are some methods of prevention which can be used. Among them are vitamines, prescription drugs such as Accutane( to help with acne), medicines which stop testosterone from converting into estrogen, or different shampoos for the hair loss. But the best advice one can be given is to keep it moderate as that will help to avoid any potential side effect.